Dallas Badminton Club History

The Dallas Badminton Club is a gathering of people who enjoy the sport of badminton in the Dallas Fort Worth area.  Our goal has always been to improve on our badminton skills and to also have fun along the way. All the players are very friendly, encourage competitive playing, and willing to share their experiences with one another.  The club has attracted many individuals from all over the world, including the US, Canada, India, Vietnam, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Russia, Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, Denmark, Sweden, Japan and Senegal.  We have enjoyed a diverse culture from our players and welcome many more!

Recent News

  • 2015 Puccini Texas Championships Sept.4-6 is almost here..
    Please note that Singles starts on Friday September 4th.

    Please pay entry fees by deadline to avoid late fees of $15

    Annual Labor Day Weekend Tournament
    Total Cash Prize over $10,000
    presented by Dallas Badminton Club at UT Arlington Mavericks Center
    Open MD 1st-$800/team 2nd-$500/team Semifinalist-$100/player
    Open WD 1st-$800/team 2nd-$500/team Semifinalist-$100/player
    Open XD 1st-$800/team 2nd-$500/team Semifinalist-$100/player 
    Open MS 1st-$800/player 2nd-$450/player Semifinalist-$100/player
    Open WS 1st-$800/player 2nd-$450/player Semifinalist-$100/player
    Sr. MS 1st-$100/player 2nd-$75/player 
    Sr. WS 1st-$100/player 2nd-$75/player
    Sr. MD 1st-$200/team 2nd-$100/team
    Sr. WD 1st-$200/team 2nd-$100/team
    Sr. XD 1st-$200/team 2nd-$100/team 

    Posted Aug 27, 2015, 9:01 AM by Kim V
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